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RPS Switchgear Ltd of NZ is previously part of the Reyrolle Switchgear of UK. Its vertical isolated LMVP switchgear has back-part where performance track record exceeds 40 years.

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Retrofit 12kv LM Switchgear

Complementary LM Switchgear

RPS 12kv Indoor Switchgear



RPS type LM metalclad switchboard



Advantageous Features of the LM vertical isolated switchgear:


  • Option for internal arc fault can be incorporated.
  • All creepage paths, phase to phase and phase to earth are vertical. This avoids excessive accumulation of dust on electrically stressed surfaces.
  • Under thru fault conditions, flash over and force acting on VCB is downwards. VCB movement is restrained by the floor.
  • Integral earthing is by VCB transfer, which is a simple and sure means of interlock between earth and service operations.
  • Fused VT are truck-mounted at top of panel. Hence, can be accessed without special tools and be isolated within minimum shutdown time.
  • No need to have additional panel for busbar connected VT.
  • Greatly reduces width of riser trunk, which is 152mm for 1250A main busbar switchboard, single busbar type. Hence, reduces overall width of switchboard.
  • Ideal for Double busbar applications. Uses front and rear bus arrangement. No need to duplicate CT, VT and relays.
    Overall depth is approx 2250mm. Overall front fascia height is same as single busbar panel.





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